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Integrative Physical Therapy is an outpatient Physical Therapy practice in Guilford, Connecticut

We specialize in Manual Therapy and movement re-education. We serve patients in communities along the Connecticut Shoreline and Greater New Haven area. We accept most major health insurance and private pay plans.

At Integrative Physical Therapy, you will experience a caring, safe, and supportive environment in which you will have the opportunity to achieve your highest level of function and quality of life. We believe that because the body functions as a whole, it is important to not just treat the symptom, but rather evaluate the whole body to address the actual cause of the pain. For this reason, we feel it is critical to provide one-on-one care consisting of:

  • A comprehensive, thorough evaluation to identify the actual root cause of your pain or discomfort
  • An individualized Physical Therapy treatment program – not a menu driven approach to treatment
  • A compassionate and skilled Physical Therapist who will work with you to restore your mobility, health and performance in daily or sports activities.
  • An education on how your body functions so you will not only understand why you have pain but how you can prevent re-injury in the future.