A cancer diagnosis is the start of a very long and difficult journey. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy cause many people to experience pain and stiffness in the chest, shoulder, neck and back muscles. Without the proper treatment, this can lead to decreased strength, range of motion, and function in the activities of daily living.


At Integrative Physical Therapy, we believe in the following core values for our Breast cancer rehab,

  • To be a partner in healing
  • To help cancer victims become cancer survivors
  • To improve one’s strength, self esteem, and quality of life
  • To restore a sense of control over the physical and emotional well being of our patients

In our program you can expect:


  • A comprehensive, thorough evaluation
  • One-on-one treatment sessions with a caring Physical Therapist
  • Patient education and involvement in your rehab process

Our program consists of:

Manual Therapy Techniques to:


  • Restore full range of motion to restricted joints
  • Decrease pain and spasm
  • Reduce the risk of scar tissue fibrosis from surgical incisions and lymph node biopsy/removal
  • Improve posture

Lymphedema risk reduction training


  • Identify risks for lymphedema
  • Education and treatment of lymphedema

Pilates based exercise


  • Rebuild muscle and regain strength and endurance
  • Re-connect with your body
  • Progressive, resistive exercises with a focus on proper technique