You will receive a personalized approach to fitness.



A traditional mat class focusing on strengthening the core (abdominals, buttocks, and back), increasing flexibility, and improving overall health and musculoskeletal balance.  

Small weights, bands, balls, and Pilates circles are used to add variety and challenge to traditional exercises.

Taught by a Physical Therapist, class size is limited so personal attention can be given to all participants to ensure proper form and maximum results.


Cardio-Strength Training

This is a workout that focuses on tightening and toning the entire body with intervals of functional and compound cardio and strength exercises using dumbbells and your own body weight for resistance.

MONDAY 8:30-9am
THURSDAY 9-9:30am

Strength Training and or Pilates Sessions

 Small group or individual training sessions

Sessions by appointment only


Taught by a Physical Therapist

Sessions tailored to client’s individual goal

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